European Board Examination

The European Core Curriculum for Emergency Medicine concludes with a short reference to possible future developments in Emergency Medicine in Europe. These include an examination or assessment to confirm successful completion of specialty training.

A group of UEMS Sections and Boards recently established a separate Council for European Specialist Medical Assessment, CESMA, to seek to harmonise postgraduate qualifications. Those specialties which already offer a European diploma conduct their assessments in very different ways and one of the most important functions of CESMA is to seek to identify the most appropriate format to assure European accreditation of medical specialty qualifications.

The MJC/European Board of EM is a full member of CESMA and last year it established a Task Force in conjunction with EuSEM to develop a proposal for a European assessment in Emergency Medicine.

This Task Force includes representatives from countries which already hold and which are developing such examinations as well as EuSEM members of the MJC. The chair of the Task Force is Dr Roberta Petrino.

Read more about the examination here.

For questions, please contact the EuSEM Education Officer, Serra Pitts:


Please note:

Addendum to Examination Regulations and Preparation, August 2014

Ultrasound resources are as follows:

1 - Ma, Mateer, Blaivas: "Emergency Ultrasound", McGraw Hill
2 - www.sonoguide.com/instructions.html


Important Dates

1 Sept. 2014 Part A 2014 application deadline
27/28 Sept. 2014 EBEEM Preparation Course, ECEM Amsterdam
29 Sept. 2014 EBEEM Awards Ceremony, ECEM Amsterdam
30 Sept. 2014 EBEEM FAQ Lunch Symposium, ECEM Amsterdam
14 Nov. 2014 Part A 2014 exam (multiple locations)
1 Feb. 2015 Part B 2015 application for eligible candidates
30 Apr. - 2 May 2015 Part B 2015 exam
11 Sept. 2015 Part A 2015 (multiple locations)


Results for the 2014 Part A Exam have now been sent by email. If you have not received them, please inform serrapitts@eusem.org


Part A 2014 - Application Cycle

The application cycle for Part A 2014 has now closed. If you have already submitted an application, please be assured that it is being reviewed. We appreciate your patience, as we are processing hundreds of applications. Queries will be answered as soon as possible. Submitting your application more than once will delay this process.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive formal confirmation and instructions for making payment. Payment received in advance will be returned.


Part A Exam Information

The next Part A exam will be held on 14 November 2014. The Exam Centres are as follows:

London, UK
Ghent, Belgium
Munich, Germany
Florence, Italy
Antalya, Turkey

The fees for the Part A 2014 exam are:

200 for EuSEM members
250 for non-members

If you would like to sit the Part A exam, please complete and submit a full application before the deadline of 1 September 2014. Candidates are encouraged to read the Exam Regulations carefully before submitting the application package.

Please submit your application by

Email: exams@eusem.org

or by

Fax: +44 (0)20 7067 1267

or by registered post to:

Serra Pitts
Education Officer
7-9 Breams Buildings
London EC4A 1DT
United Kingdom

Part B Exam Information

The next Part B exam will be held 30 April - 2 May 2015. Candidates who pass the Part A exam and meet the eligibility requirements will be accepted to sit Part B which consists of clinical scenarios and viva questions. The location of the next Part B exam will be announced at the end of the year. The fees for this portion of the exam are as follows:

450 for EuSEM members
500 for non-members

More information about the exam can be found in the Exam Regulations. Candidates who pass both parts of the exam will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony at the annual European Congress on Emergency Medicine. The highest scoring candidates will receive special recognition.