PC 11: Debriefing in an emergency medicine simulation


Course Directors

  • Guillem Bouilleau, France
  • Pierluigi Ingrassia (Italy)
  • Anne Laure Philippon (France)


  • Lukas Drabauer, Austria
  • Guillem Bouilleau, France


The course is designed for 16 participants. 


  • To learn techniques and framework of debriefing in simulation and professional situations
  • To practice debriefing with special feedback from peers and faculty

Course overview

During this hybrid workshop you will learn how to conduct a debriefing of a learning situation in emergency medicine (in the context of simulation-based training but also in a professional context). You will also learn about the content, framework and outcomes of such a debriefing.

The first part of the day will be devoted to the work you prepared before coming. Indeed, we will ask you to prepare the content of a debriefing starting from a situation that we will previously sent to you. We will ask you to videorecord yourself, in order to have some basis to discuss about debriefing.

The second and larger part of the day will be devoted to 8 short simulation sessions, with 8 debriefing made by binomials. All the debriefings will be followed by a debriefing or a feedback of the debriefing.

At the end of the day, you will be able to conduct debriefing on your own, and will have some resources to deepen your experience after the workshop.
The apprenticeship will be done throughout personal returns on debriefing, little conference and several practical simulation scenarios in which every participant will have the opportunity to conduct a debriefing.

Participants who are at home would participate in all the debates, conferences and simulation courses, and they could also drive a debriefing, in binomial with participants onsite. Participants onsite will make the same activities, and will also play the actors for the simulation sessions.


Before the session: (maximum 30 minutes of work)
Each participant records a 5-minutes video of himself making a debriefing for a simulation session, that we will send to all of them. Then they send us their video, and had to prepare a mini-scenario, inspired from emergency medicine, within a specified framework (short scenario, for residents, with maximum 2 or 3 learning objectives)
Each participant also completes the pre-test workshop.

Wednesday 27 October (8h30-17h30)

8h30-9h: Beginning time, presentations
9h-10h30: Feedback on the participants’ videos, helping us to describe the framework and content of a qualitative debriefing

10h30-10h45: Coffee Break

10h45: 11h40: First simulation session: preparation, short briefing, 4 minutes scenario, 15 min debriefing and 15 minutes debrief of the debrief (faculty)
11h40-12h30: Second simulation session, following the same running

12:30-13:15: Lunch

13h15-14h: Debrief 3 then debrief of the debrief (faculty)
14h-14h45: Debrief 4 then debrief of the debrief by the peers
14h45-15h30: Debrief 5 then debrief of the debrief by the peers

15:30-16:00: Coffee Break

16h-16h30: Debrief 6 then feedback from faculty
16h30-17h: Debrief 7 then feedback from faculty
17h-17h30: Debrief 8 then feedback from the peers