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YEMD Fellowship Programme


The aim of YEMD Fellowship Programme is to provide a wide range of excellent training and / or work opportunities for Emergency Medicine physicians at Hosting Institutions across Europe within EUSEM member countries.
Criteria have been established to allow EUSEM YEMD to identify the best and most promising candidates, who are encouraged to visit recognized institutions and spend enough time on the spot, in order to gain experience and sharpen their knowledge and skills.
Different types of Fellowships are available:

  1. Clinical fellowship;
  2. Clinical with research work;
  3. Research without clinical work;
  4. Non-clinical: observership without clinical work.

The selection process is facilitated by YEMD and performed by the Hosting Institutions.
Each hosting institution will determine the timings for candidate applications in accordance to their capacity and local policy.


In order to be eligible for YEMD Fellowship Programme the candidate must be EUSEM and YEMD Section member.
To become YEMD Section member the candidate must be 35 years old or younger and / or currently enrolled into Emergency Medicine specialty training programme.
The candidate will also have to meet any specific prerequisites outlined on each Fellowship webpage.


EUSEM does not provide financial support.
EUSEM is a mediator providing network, facilitating the contacts, screening the Hosting Institutions and eligible candidates for YEMD Fellowship Programme.
Depending on the Hosting Institutions capacity and local policy there might be funding for travel, accommodation and / or food.


If you are interested in registering your Hosting Institution within the YEMD Fellowship Programme Network, you can download the relevant information form the section “Info for Hosting Institutions” on this webpage.


The application process for YEMD Fellowship Programme is open and the candidates can register through MyEUSEM portal.
If you are eligible for the Fellowship and you want to know more on how to participate, you can download the relevant information form the section “Info for Candidates” on this webpage.

For any additional queries kindly directly contact EUSEM the Fellowship Programme Lead at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



info for young doctors



Belgium, Antwerp - University Hospital

For this fellowship, we can provide a very interesting clinical fellowship for 3-6 months. Name of the hosting institute Emergency Medicine Department Antwerp University Hospital  Antwerp, Belgium Type of fellowship…

Belgium, Antwerp - University Hospital (Paediatric)

The fellow will work in our Emergency Department (ED) as Emergency Physician Registrar, with special focus on Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM). Name of the hosting institute Antwerp University Hospital  Antwerp, Belgium Type of fellowship Clinical …

Belgium, Leuven - University Hospital Leuven

Our ED has 6 ICU beds, which gives unique teaching opportunities Name of the hosting institute University Hospital Leuven, Belgium  Type of fellowship Non Clinical (Observership) Language English, Turkish  Duration of fellowship Short term –…

UK, Wales, Bangor - Ysbyty Gwynedd Bangor

Clinical fellow in Emergency Medicine combined with a choice of either Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine, Medical Education, Mountain Medicine or Global Emergency Medicine.  Name of the hosting institute Ysbyty Gwynedd Bangor  Type of fellowship Clinical (Observership)…