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Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) links the specialties of Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine. In Europe, PEM is still regarded as a new medical profession. The EUSEM PEM Section was established in October 2006 with the goal of encouraging physicians who are practicing Emergency Pediatrics to join EUSEM and to be involved in its clinical, educational and research activities.

Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and quality of care in PEM in Europe through meetings, courses, research, publications, policy statements and by producing clinical guidelines and other activities.


  • To advocate for children and emergency care.
  • To promote international collaboration between physicians who practice PEM and the various European Paediatric Emergency societies.
  • To enhance the relationship between adult and paediatric EM.


  • To encourage physicians who practice PEM to participate in EUSEM activities.
  • To be fully responsible for the academic programme of the paediatric sessions in the annual EUSEM meetings/congresses.
  • To initiate educational activities in PEM through courses, projects and various clinical activities.


REPEM is a Research Network that includes physicians at the capacity of medical director, research director, consultant or director of medical education who work in a European paediatric emergency department. The network was established in October 2006 at the EUSEM Congress in Crete.

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Mission Statement

Improving emergency care for children through a high standard multi-national and multi-centre research.


  • To conduct high-level paediatric emergency research in Europe by combining the efforts of individual institutions and to enhance the image of paediatric emergency medicine as a credible academic discipline with its own research agenda.
  • To facilitate and promote research activities among the participating institutions and develop cohesiveness between centres involved in the practice of paediatric emergency medicine.
  • To create a research infrastructure for paediatric emergency medicine on an international level in the participating countries.

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For further information and to express interest in joining the PEM Section, please contact the Section Chair:

Dr Niccolò Parri

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


United Kingdom

Maconochie, Ian (Past-Chair) Beattie, Tom Nijman, Ruud Soliman, Ahmed Lyttle, Mark Babakhanlou, Rodrick


Benito, Javier (Past-Chair) Benito, Helvia Gomez, Borja Paniagua, Natalia Mintegi, Santiago Velasco, Roberto De Lucas, Nieves González, Andrés Luaces-Cubells, Carles Marañón, Rafa


Bognar, Zsolt Lefter, Zsuzsanna Simon, Gábor Szabo, Eva


Parri, Niccolò (Chair) Bressan, Silvia Da Dalt, Liviana Daverio, Marco Bronzini, Francesca Giacalone, Martina Sforzi, Idanna Castagno, Emanuele Vardeu, Maria Paola Romanengo, Marta


Cheron, Gerard Angoulvant, Francois Titomanlio, Luigi Dubos, François Le Guen, Christele Leroy, Sandrine Mercier, Jean-Chistophe


Pinky-Rose, Espiona Pritisana, Ena Greber-Plats, Susanne


Alves, Claudio Costa Lima, Sofia Garrido, Ana Gata, Lia Fernandes, Ricardo


Gervaix, Alain Galetto Lacour, Annick Siebert, Johan Seiler, Michelle Manzano, Sergio Höffe, Julia Lacroix, Laurence Löllgen, Ruth Rey-Bellet, Celine

Czech Republic

Petrovska, Alexandra


Hachimi-Idrissi, Said Van de Voorde, Patrick


Hogan, Barbara (ex-officio, EUSEM Past-President)


Kreier, Felix Borensztajn, Dorine Geurts, Dorien Moll, Henriette Oostenbrink, Rianne Valerio, Paolo


Uustalu, Ylle


Zavadska, Dace


Darginavicius, Linas Sabulyte, Simona


Srivastava, Geetanjali


Orfanos, Ioannis

United States

Walker, Dave


Moldovan, Diana Gafencu, Mihai


Ozlem, Teksam Ulas Saz, Eylem Anil, Murat Tekin, Deniz Yilmaz, Hayri Levent Turan, Caner


Shavit, Itai Berant, Ron Waisman, Yehezkel

Saudi Arabia

Qureshi, Nadeem

Point-of-Care Ultrasound course

October 29 & 30, 2018 Paris

EUSEM and European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP) collaboration for a Point-of-Care Ultrasound course during the European Academy of Pediatric Societies congress.

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The Third Paediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine Congress

23 - 24 May 2019, Ghent, Belgium

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