eCourse on the emergency and prehospital phases of sepsis care is available on EUSEM academy. The course is divided into 3  webinar consisting of a series of short, focused, evidence based talks delivered by experts with in depth discussion by attendees and expert panel.

  • Webinar 1 focussed focus on understanding, identifying and risk assessing infection and sepsis. 
  • Webinar 2 explored the basic prehospital and ED based resuscitation, detailing antibiotic and fluid therapy. 
  • Webinar 3 delved into the ongoing care delivery and monitoring.

Each webinar consists of 5 short talks with detailed discussion between each. All material will be freely available from the EUSEM webpages. The webinars offer a clear, concise framework to assist you deliver the highest quality care from a wide range of international experts.

Our E-courses are supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Baxter Healthcare

You can register for the full course via THIS LINK, so you register for all 3 webinars in one go!

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