Part A Virtual

Part A is being held virtually in the Ortrac system. This means you can take the exam remotely from any private area with a good and stable internet connection.

important notice

Registration for Part A 10 September 2021 is open now, click here for more info.

Registration will end on 18/08/2021 at 9 PM CEST

Next Part A and ITA Exam Dates

10 September 2021
March 2022

Time: to be confirmed


Part A assesses the knowledge basis for Emergency Medicine practice including basic sciences applied to Emergency Medicine. The exam consists of a knowledge test in multiple choice format with 120 questions, some of which are multiple true false format (5 items each true or false) and some are single best answer (5 items - one best answer).

The examination lasts 2.5 hours and is held remotely. The examination is held online, with candidates being given an individual log-in to a special link, which is available only for the duration of the examination. Candidates can take the exam from home or any private place with stable internet connection.

The In-Training Assessment (ITA) is intended for candidates who want to test their knowledge, but do not have the intention to take Part B or for trainees for who the EBEEM is their official national exam and do not want to take Part B. If you have less than 36 months of work experience or training in EM. You are not eligible to take Part A, so in this case you can do the ITA practice test.

Note: With an ITA you are not eligible to sit part B exam. Only those who have passed the part A exam can take part B.

How can I apply?

Please apply by clicking on the registration button.

A non-refundable pre-registration fee of €100 must be paid when submitting your application. If your application is successful you will then be required to pay the examination sitting fee (see details on fees here).

IMPORTANT: Before applying please read carefully all the information about eligibility requirements, regulations and terms and conditions and preparation guidance.

You must complete the form in one sitting, as your information will not be saved if you close it. Please be sure to have all documents ready before beginning your application.

Please note: 

Candidates will be entitled to re-apply for the examination for six (6) attempts, each Part A and B, including the first attempt.

The Part B exam should be completed within 4 years of successful Part A completion.

Resit and Transfer Candidates

You are required to submit your application online and pay the €100 application fee. You are required to submit a simplified application if you have sat the EBEEM Part A within the past 12 months, or have been approved to sit the exam in the past 12 months but have failed to do so. If you sat the examination more than 12 months ago you will be required to submit your full application again using the main application link, not the resit link.

Candidates must apply using the email previously used at your Part A exam location (email used for correspondence). If you are having trouble logging in,  you must reset your password: