EWQSEM - Education in Q&S

Education in Q&S

The principal goal of EWQSEM is to implement educational programmes on Q&S for doctors and non-doctor professionals involved in EM. Educational events will be planned during the year.

  • To propose a curriculum on Q&S that will be included in the European EM Curriculum.
  • To be involved in the International Fellowship in Q&S in EM and the International Master of Sciences in Q&S in EM.
  • To write a collaborative textbook on Q&S in Emergency Medicine. The chair of the EWQSEM will propose an outline of the book and is in negotiation with publishers regarding publication of the book.
  • To organize sessions (State of the Art and Clinical questions) on Q&S during the EUSEM congresses.
  • To be involved in joint sessions during the ISQUA congresses.
  • Specific 2-day event focused on Q&S in EM organized during the year. This event will be named EWQSEM /ISQUA Summit.
  • To be involved in the three days of scientific sessions of the Global Network in Emergency Medicine (GNEM) held during the yearly International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Conference in Dubai.