One of the EUSEM’s major goals is to promote and facilitate good clinical research in Emergency Medicine and in particular multi-centre clinical trials and surveys.

On these pages we will be publish about current research projects, collaborative projects, surveys and working groups.




  • Pan-European survey of presenting complaints at ED
    In summary, last year 12 countries did participate and for this year 13 country did participate. All the participated centers have their own disaster plan. The staff in ED those indicating their EDs are overcrowded and not wishing to work in ED are changed compared to last year. And for the following year the CRF should clearly identify ‘Who leads the ambulance – doctor, paramedic, nurse, EMT. 
    The survey will be rolled out to more and more participants to present a full qualitative picture at the EUSEM Congress in Prague from 12 -16 October 2019.
  • Survey on child abuse detection in the ED, collaboration with AUGEO
    This survey aims to get insight into the different policies to recognize child abuse at the emergency departments (EDs) in Europe. We like to learn from the different strategies at EDs and aim to develop a combined strategy for early detection (screening) and e-learning customized for different settings. At the moment the survey is closed, but at this website you can read about the collaboration and the survey.
    The EUROpean Dyspnea survey in EMergency Departments Study (EURODEM)
    The Asia, Australia, and New Zealand Dyspnea in EMergency Departments Study (AANZDEM)
    112 EDs (66 Europe and 46 South East Asia/Australasia)
    European Geriatric Emergency Departments Registry Study (EGERS)

    EUSEM European guidelines are in development for the management of acute pain in emergency situations. Take the survey

  • HEAD study
    Headache in Emergency Departments

Working groups

  • EUSEM-EFMI started a working group to advance the digital transformation of emergency departments throughout Europe. Read the press release here
Pending projects
  • Pan‐European study on Quality of care provided to children in ED
  • EuroUTI Project ‐ European Urinary Tract Infections in EDs
  • Delirium Recognition in European EDs 

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