EUSEM Workgroup on Quality & Safety in Emergency Medicine

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about ewqsem

The mission of the EUSEM workgroup on Quality & Safety (Q&S) in Emergency medicine (EWQSEM) is to develop the prinicples for quality and safety in clinical practice for emergency medicine.

The composition of the group including emergency physicians, other specialist healthcare providers, leadership management, leaders and members who dedicate their efforts on the development of Q&S in EM in Europe and help developing countries at the global level.

This group will focus on five domains:

  1. Education and Training in Quality and Safety,
  2. Guidelines and Organization in Quality and Safety,
  3. Leadership in Quality and Safety,
  4. Global Quality and Safety,
  5. Research/Technology Innovation/Big

EWQSEM will collaborate closely with the EUSEM Professional Committee. Together they will collaborate in the development of the International Centre for Excellence in Q&S in EM Healthcare (ICEQS). Other collaborations are foreseen with the European Patient Safety Foundation and International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA).

The EWQSEM proposes a three-year road map with the following objectives. Each subgroup will define its agenda following the roadmap and achieve the agreed goals.

Please read about the subgroups here:

Education in Q&S

Guidelines and Organization in Q&S 

Research/Technology Innovation/Databases 


Global Health in Q&S

objectives for the next 12 months

  1. EUSEM White Book of Guidelines and Recommendations for Quality and Safety in Emergency Medicine (EWQSEM Guidelines and EWQSEM Leadership subgroups) The book will include the relevant quality indicators that will be implemented in the pre-hospital setting and emergency department (ED). The objective is to include these indicators in the electronic healthcare record. Presentation of the book project at the EUSEM Congress 2022. We expect to achieve this goal in two years. 
  2. Start of the writing of the textbook on Quality and Safety in EM (EWQSEM Education/Training Subroup).  The goal is to share a first draft on October 2023.
  3. Curriculum in Q&S in EM and implementation of the European Course on Quality and Safety in EM (EWQSEM Education/Training Subroup). A curriculum in Q&S in EM will be written and added to the revision of the European Curriculum in EM. This European course on Q&S in EM will be proposed for accreditation to EBEM and UEMS. A yearly program will be set-up during year 1 and the course will run every year.
  4. Starting the collaboration with the International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA) and the European Patient Safety Foundation (EPSF) (EWQSEM Research Subgroup). A Memorandum of Understanding is in process to be signed by the societies boards. A joint scientific session will be set-up with ISQUA.
  5. Proposal of scientific sessions during the EUSEM congresses (EWQSEM Research Subgroup). Two session of five lectures organised as round tables and distributed among the subgroups will be proposed. The objective will be to set-up this session at yearly EUSEM congresses. We will invite experts from the International Society of Quality in Healthcare for joint sessions in up-coming congresses.
  6. European Multicenter study on the association between emergency department length of stay and adverse events, and mortality (EWQSEM Research Subroup). The project is already written and a pilot study will be done through the EUSEM Research committee. It is planned to expand the study globally through international groups. A EU Research Council proposal will be planned with the aim to secure a FP7 grant support. Grants will help the EWQSEM to set up international research studies.
  7. European Survey on Q&S (EWQSEM Research Subroup). The project is to get a descriptive picture on what is going in Q&S in Europe. A questionnaire will be send to all European national EM societies to support EWQSEM in getting data. Results of this study will be submitted to the European Journal of Emergency Medicine under the name of the group and European national societies.

Other activities 

The group has led a scientific session during the EUSEM Berlin congress in October 2022:
1- Definition and concepts on Quality and Safety: Abdelouahab Bellou
2- Overview on quality and safety in EM in Europe: Eric Revue
3- European Quality indicators in EM: Kelly Janssens
4- Impact of Time on quality and safety in the ED: Zoubir Boudi
5- Discussion with delegates

Deming wheel

If you want to join this group, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your preference for a subgroup, your CV and motivation. You have to be a EUSEM member in good standing to join the group.


Steering Committee

Chair: Prof. Dr Abdelouahab Bellou, France/China/USA

Co-chair: Dr. john Heyworth, UK

Dr. Eric Revue, France,

Dr. Zoubir Boudi, UAE

Chair of the Research Chapter
Prof. Dr. Said Idrissi Hachimi, Belgium

Chair of the Guidelines and Organisation Chapter
Prof. Dr. Enrique Casalino, France

Chair of the Education and Training Chapter
Dr. Ruth Brown, UK

Chair of Leadership Chapter
Dr. Ian Higginson, UK

Chair of Global Health Chapter
Dr. Giles Cattermole, UK


Foundation document