EM Monthly

Every last week of the month EUSEM is organising educational and topical webinars: EM Monthly

Upcoming webinars: 

26 May at 14:00 cest we have the EM-Day webinar about safety culture in the ED, with representatives from WHO, IFEM, IAPO and more.
We look at possible sollutions to increase feeling of safety in the ED for both patients and professionals from different perspectives.
29 June at 17:00 cest EM Monthly: Resuscitation and ERC will contain the following presentations with Q&A session in the end moderated by Prof. Abdo Khoury and Prof. Koen Monsieurs:

• What can we learn from video recordings of prehospital cardiac arrest?, by Pr. Philippe Dewolf
• Leadership during resuscitation, by Pr. Koen Monsieurs
• Is the ETCO2 monitoring an Indicator of the quality of the ventilation in CA ?, by Pr. Patrick Plaisance
• Early prognostication post-ROSC in the emergency department. Is it feasible?, TBC

Upcoming 2023

27 May 2023: EM Day   
29 June: Resuscitation and ERC, Dr Abdo Khoury
27 July: Education / Training techniques for teaching
31 August: Acute Aortic Dissection, Dr Graham Cooper and Dr Gregor Prosen
28 September: Pain management
26 October: Joint IFEM / EUSEM webinar on Digital EM, Dr Grzegorz Waligora, Dr Thomas Sauter and Dr Goksu Bozdereli Berikol
30 November: EUSEM meets London HEMS: Rare practical procedures, Dr Jim Connolly

All past webinars are On Demand on the EUSEM Academy CLICK HERE


January: How Emergency Medical Services face a crisis: examples of adaptive system to disaster

April: The European guideline on management of major bleeding and coagulopathy following trauma


February: How to prepare for future pandemics, collaboration with UEMS

March: War in Ukraine: Preparing Paediatric Emergency Medicine in Europe, collaboration with MSF and EAP 

April: Global Emergency Medicine - Experiences and opportunities

May: Burnout in EM professionals; Now it's time to take action

June: Testicle Ultrasound in Paediatrics & Ultrasound in Head Trauma. 

August: Learning in the ED; Efficient techniques for your next shift

September: Ultrasound in shock, international speakers panel. 

October: EUSEM 2022 deep dive,  

November: All you need to know about Cyanide poisoning for 2023



April: Major changes in ERC 2021 guidelines for cardiac arrest. A joint webinar with ERC

May: To plan optimal health services for unplanned care

June: Pediatric point-of-care ultrasound   

August: Ultasound masterclass

September: TTM2 - What's cool and what isn't anymore

September: Bleeding and coagulopathy in trauma webinar

November: Antidotes in an Emergency Setting