EUSEM COVID-19 webinars

As you might have noticed, EUSEM is very active with the organisation of several webinars . To keep everything clear, we inform you that we are doing 3 different tracks of webinars, mentioned below. We made a calendar for you with information about all the webinars, including links to recordings and reports of past webinars. Check the calendar here

Symbol paediatricUpdate of the Covid situation in Europe
Speakers reporting from different European countries on the impact and the actual situation.

Registration for the second edition is open: Update of the Covid situation in Europe 


Symbol paediatricHow to treat the disease
State of the art of Covid-19 patient care and management, with special focus on patient inflow, characteristics of the disease, imaging and oxygen and the step down.

Registration is open for the first edition: How to organise pre-hospital and ED pathways and patient flow in suspected COVID-19


Symbol paediatric

Paediatric Covid-19
Review and management of the Covid-19 impact on the Paediatric Emergency Departments and patients.





Final report first edition of COVID-19 webinar

Our respected colleague Kelly Janssens analysed the data shared by 9 European countries presenting the first edition of the EUSEM COVID-19 webinar. In the final report created together with our President Luis Castrillo, the data is presented in very useful graphs and tables to make the data comparable. Please find it here

Also the whole Q&A is added to the report, containing again a lot of information for you to take into account while challenging the crisis.  

The recording of the webinar is on the EUSEM Academy

Here you can also find the first Paediatric webinar in the light of COVID-19, that was recorded yesterday:

I want to let you know, that you can login to the Academy with your EUSEM account to be able to join the forum. Here we can share experience and give guidance to each other or you can suggest topics for future webinars. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free here: