Research in European Pediatric Emergency Medicine

REPEM logoREPEM is the European Research Network for Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Following worldwide initiatives, the Research in European Paediatric Emergency Medicine (REPEM) network was founded in 2006 to improve emergency care for children in Europe, enabling the dialogue between members and to perform joined research activities in Europe and globally.

The network currently consists of 69 partners from 20 European countries. In Europe we collaborate with the United Kingdom and Ireland who have founded their own research network. PERUKI and Spain (RiSEUP). In the global scene we collaborate through PERN with our oversea partners from Canada (PERC) the United States (PECARN and PEM CRC), Australia (PREDICT) and South America (RIDEPLA). PEM physicians own a unique skillset to provide optimal appropriate and efficient care to acutely ill and injured children in the dynamic, multi-tasking and often overcrowded environment of the Emergency Department (ED). In this setting the few children with serious conditions blend within the great majority of patients presenting with self-limiting illnesses.

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