Emergency Medicine Day: 27 May 2024

This year, on Emergency Medicine Day, we will raise awareness about the global impact of climate change on human health.

In recent years, emergency medicine doctors have witnessed a significant rise in health risk factors resulting from climate change.
We believe there is an urgent need to raise public awareness and prepare emergency departments to effectively handle the consequences of climate change.
There is enough data to anticipate that extreme heat is leading to a global increase in mortality rate, and it will continue to exert immense pressure on our healthcare systems, particularly on emergency medical services. We are witnessing a progressive increase in heatstroke, heart and kidney damage, new and unexpected infectious diseases like zoonosis, water-borne diseases, vector borne diseases, smoke-related pulmonary diseases secondary to wildfires, malnutrition-related disease due to droughts, injuries caused by floods and hurricanes. Not less important are the implications for mental health.
All these factors will place a growing burden on EM systems worldwide, and present them with new and daunting challenges.
As healthcare professionals, we have a vital responsibility to alleviate suffering and reduce the adverse effects of climate change on people’s health.
The Emergency Medicine Day campaign is organised by EUSEM's EM Day working group.
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