Abstract submission period prolonged

NEW DATE: 30 April 2020 - Midnight (CEST) +02:00 UTC 

While we are all facing an exceptional situation due to the impact of COVID-19 in Europe and worldwide, we are all aware that your time is precious at the moment and highly dedicated to your hospital. EUSEM consequently decided to prolong the abstract submission period to 30 April 2020. 

We all hope the situation will get better very soon and we will all see you in Copenhagen in September!


Lessons learned from Italy

COVID-19 is one of the greatest challenges that the entire World is called to face since the dark years of the Second World War.

In this time of uncertainty and fear, it is necessary to maintain clarity and reiterate the principle of science, knowledge and, above all, expertise.

In this regard, there is an ongoing commitment by SIMEU, the Italian scientific society made up of the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Medicine departments operating in the approximately 650 Emergency Rooms throughout Italy.

As widely known, Italy has been the first European Country called to cope with the extreme COVID-19 emergency which has overturned all the usual procedural practices. SIMEU immediately acted to promote the circulation of knowledge by sharing working documents based on various field experiences, and published them on THIS WEBSITE to benefit its members.

SIMEU also deems it useful to disclose these documents to the international audience.

Documenting the real healthcare emergency flows as well as the adopted solutions and bringing them to the attention of the collegues around the World is the most effective assistance SIMEU can provide to help them in developing a more efficient organizational model suited for the new needs.

Taking an optimistic look at the situation, one side effect of the sacrifice and the efforts of those who "got there first" is that they are able to provide concrete help to those who come later making them better prepared.

We wish to convey this optimistic know-how to all our colleagues who may take advantage of it. We all can get through this, together!


Dr Salvatore Manca _ President