EMERGENCY MEDICINE is finally a recognised specialty in Spain, on 2 July 2024

EUSEM is delighted to announce the official recognition of the Emergency Medicine specialty in Spain, granted on 2 July 2024.
We extend our congratulations to our colleagues in Spain and SEMES for achieving this remarkable milestone after years of campaigning and advocating the imperative need to recognise this specialty.
Read SEMES Press release:
On Tuesday, 2nd July 2024, the Council of Ministers has given the green light to the Royal Decree establishing Emergency Medicine as a recognised specialty in Spain. 
This finally resolves the Spanish anomaly and aligns Spain with the rest of the European Union countries and the majority of the international community.
This measure will help standardise the training of our emergency doctors, and the first RID (resident internal doctors) places are set to start next year.
The Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine -SEMES- announces that today (on 2nd July 2024) the Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain has approved the Royal Decree establishing the speciality of Emergency Medicine in our country. 
SEMES' president, Dr. Tato Vázquez Lima, has declared that today is a momentous day for our country's healthcare. Today is a day of satisfaction and joy for all emergency physicians who finally see their efforts, vocation, and dedication recognised. Dr. Vázquez Lima expressed deep and sincere gratitude for their unwavering work and perseverance. 
Dr. Vázquez Lima thanked "the Government of President Sánchez, the Minister of Health, Mónica García, all the presidents of the seventeen autonomous communities, mayors, all the political forces, the medical associations and scientific societies. "Their collaborative efforts and altruism for the greater good have led to the agreement facilitating the establishment of Emergency Medicine as a recognised specialty in Spain". 
"With the official recognition of the Speciality of Emergency Medicine. The Spanish Government ensures that all Spanish patients receive emergency care from specialised professionals who have received regulated, standardised, and recognised training. This is what all citizens of our country deserve, regardless of their location."  
The approval of the Speciality of Emergency Medicine also serves to support and retain young professionals who aspire to specialise in this field. Thus addressing the terrible ongoing issue of brain drain that has been weakening our National Health Care System.
With the approval of the Speciality of Emergency Medicine, Spain aligns with most of the countries of the European Union which, for years, have had this medical speciality as part of their healthcare systems. Thus facilitating the transition of professionals from related professions, guaranteeing they receive the relevant training based on their specialty.  
Finally, the president of SEMES emphasised that "with the recognition of the speciality, we will be able to contribute to the improvement of Human Resources planning, which is essential for the sustainability of our National Health System". 
Find the original Spanish version on SEMES' website.