European Pain Initiative – Guidelines for Clinical Practice Handbook

This Handbook has been developed to support improvements in the assessment and management of acute pain
in Emergency settings across Europe. These guidelines, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from
Mundipharma International Limited, outline the unmet needs existing for acute pain, assessment of pain and
recommendation for pain management by first responders, paramedics and Emergency Department physicians.
They have been developed following a rigorous review of available clinical evidence and analysis of current
management practices across Europe through EUSEM members. It is our hope that these guidelines will provide
healthcare professionals with evidence-based practical information that will help them manage their patient’s pain as
effectively as possible.

As Chair of the European Pain Initiative developed under the auspices of EUSEM I would like to acknowledge the
hard work and commitment of my fellow Committee members and the valuable input received from many colleagues.

Professor Saïd Hachimi-Idrissi
University of Ghent, Belgium

Find the guidelines here