Support for the people of Turkey and Syria

In the early hours of  6th February 2023, a magnitude 7.8 quake struck near the Southern Turkish border with Syria, causing devastation on a barely imaginable scale. WHO has declared it one of the worst natural disasters this century.

At times of such unimaginable pain and suffering the true strength of the human spirit is revealed in those who selflessly seek to help to relieve suffering.  This has been exemplified by many including the superhuman efforts of rescuers, acting without fear for their own lives, whose actions have doubtless saved countless lives and in the tireless efforts of those working in the front line of healthcare who, despite the loss of friends and family, continue to work in extremely challenging circumstances. 

Our thoughts remain with all those affected, especially our Emergency Medicine colleagues working in the region. We are truly proud to have you as our colleagues and wish to assure you of our continued support. 

The next stages of this disaster will continue to challenge the people of Syria and Turkey, and those providing ongoing medical aid, shelter and support to the countless number of people injured and made homeless.

Our thoughts go to the families of our colleagues who have lost their lives due to this earthquake. We continue to offer our  support to all those affected in Turkey and Syria and wish continued health and strength to our Emergency Medicine family. 

If you wish to support the emergency effort please consider a donation to EMAT or one of the official Aid agencies working in the region.

Photo copyright:REUTERS/Umit Bektas