Mass Gatherings: International Experiences and Lessons Learned - 17 June, at 20:00

This webinar will address preparation for mass gatherings, delving into lessons learned and international experiences.
Preparing for mass gatherings requires the development of comprehensive plans to manage the health and safety risks associated with large gatherings. Ensuring the availability of adequate medical facilities, emergency medical services, such as on-site medical care, first aid stations, and communication systems is crucial. Coordinating efforts with local hospitals and healthcare providers to manage potential surges in medical needs and sharing best practices among experts can lead to significantly more efficient emergency responses.
Prof Steve Photiou
Assoc. Prof. Mick Molloy (Ireland)
Dr. Michiel Stiers ( Belgium)
Moderated by Dr. Pieter Jan Van Asbroeck (Belgium)
Learning Objectives:
  1. Including the development of comprehensive health and safety plans
  2. Understanding the key components of event planning and preparedness
  3. Provision of on-site medical services
  4. Establishing  effective emergency response and coordination protocols for large gatherings.


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